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Exhibition Sharing Opportunities Brought by the SCO ,Zhuoyuan VR Spacecraft &FuninVR VR Game machine

Sharing Opportunities Brought by the SCO ,Zhuoyuan VR Spacecraft &FuninVR VR Game machine

04/23/2021     Exhibition

Sharing Opportunities Brought by the SCO ,Zhuoyuan VR Spacecraft &FuninVR VR Game machine

April 26-28

2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Investment and Trade Expo and Qingdao Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum.

Will be held at Qingdao Jiaozhou Sports Center, Shandong from April 26th to 28th

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand-FuninVR) will join the China Pavilion.

Within more than 30 countries/regions such as Russia, India, Iran and Sri Lanka, it has added luster to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Expo.

Funinvr Will Bring VR Spacecraft exhibited. The proportional VR Spacecraft design restores the Shenzhou 5 space capsule. The shape matches the blue light effect, reflecting the sense of science and technology in my country’s aerospace industry. “Space”, “Interstellar”, “Lunar Landing”, “VR” and other content, all truly reproduce the glorious history of my country’s spaceflight, as well as the imaginative interstellar and lunar exploration, which makes people feel China’s proud spaceflight.

In addition, we have several hot-selling products, which are very popular among domestic and foreign customers.

Viscosity product-FPS Arena, super playability, shooting war

The shooting competition, which occupies only 5 square meters and consists of 2 players, has high stickiness and high playability. They work together to cross the barrier and guard back to back to stimulate the secretion of hormones in the scene and increase the feeling. Parents, friends and lovers can fight side by side and fight together

Efficient product-6 VR Dark Mars seats, 6 people can sit at a time

The 6-seater VR Dark Mars covers multiple topics, extreme sports, horror and exciting. You can experience 6 people at a time, it is also known as the “King of Ping Effect Products”! With it, doubling profits is not a dream!

VR Mecha: Cool debut, unlimited charm

Full degree of freedom, omni-directional autonomous control, 360° rotation + large up, down, left, and right pitch angles, powerful autonomous control capabilities, truly integrate humans and machines, and gain a substantial and real combat experience!

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  • We manufacture the full set of VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator.

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    FuninVR now has seven major entertainment categories, totally more than 30 self-designed VR products covering game types including experience, multiplayer competition, flight, car-racing, parent-kid and science popularization


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