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Exhibition Latest VR Arcade Machines at the Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo 2024

Latest VR Arcade Machines at the Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo 2024

05/21/2024     Exhibition

At the 2024 Asia Amusement and Attractions (AAA) Expo held from May 10th to 12th, FuninVR unveiled 8 new amusement park equipment, drawing significant attention from attendees. Our expansive 400-square-meter booth captivated numerous visitors, with a constant flow of people eagerly queuing up to experience our cutting-edge VR machines and 7D motion cinema, showcasing the widespread popularity of our attractions.

FuninVR demonstrated the prowess in technological innovation and product diversification at the AAA Exhibition, attracting the attention of a multitude of visitors. The booth showcased 8 new 9D simulators offering a wide array of virtual reality experiences, spanning from thrilling adventure games to immersive simulations, from competitive sports to engaging educational applications, accommodating players of all ages and interests.

The 8 new arrivals are as follows:

360° Rotate Theater: Observing world wonders in 7D, experiencing both flight and deep dives.

VR Drop Tower 2 Seats: Experiencing the sensation of weightlessness on a roller coaster, with the added thrill of a double jump and non-stop screams.

360° Double Flight VR: Enjoying limitless fun in double seats, with intensified pitch and roll for an even more thrilling experience.

NBA BOX: Experience the joy of shooting 3-pointers and playing basketball virtually, with official NBA approval.

Dome Theater: Transforming the simulated flight experience through ball screen wrapping for a more authentic and realistic feel.

VR Spacewalker: Engage in competitive cycling and shooting simultaneously with teammates with this omnidirectional cycling device.

VR Drift Racing: Experience authentic drifting sensations with original special effects that vividly simulate the exhilarating thrill of racing drifts.

VR Battle: Engage in an immersive shooting game experience set in a dynamic battlefield environment.

This showcase has presented numerous business prospects for FuninVR, as many patrons have eagerly capitalized on the opportunity to place orders for products on-site. This unequivocally showcases their acknowledgment and faith in FuninVR’s offerings, inspiring the FuninVR team to persistently innovate and deliver an array of top-notch virtual reality equipment to users.

With the conclusion of the exhibition, FuninVR extends our gratitude to both new and returning customers for their unwavering support and trust, which have served as pivotal drivers on the brand’s growth journey. The mission persists in providing each player with the opportunity to revel in the joy and immersive experiences brought forth by virtual reality technology.


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