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Exhibition FuninVR Attended the 2024 China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE)

FuninVR Attended the 2024 China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE)

03/26/2024     Exhibition

The China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE) concluded its successful run in Beijing from March 20th to 22nd, 2024! Over 600 participants, including cultural and tourism service providers, as well as manufacturers of amusement equipment from across the global cultural tourism industry, showcased their latest technologies. And the event drew more than 100,000 professional buyers from over 40 countries and regions, all eager to explore the offerings and make purchases.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., a key partner of CAAPA, actively engaged in the exhibition. The booth was meticulously curated, featuring an array of amusement equipment accentuated by distinctive lighting arrangements, creating a visually captivating ambiance.

As a leader in the domestic VR sector, Zhuoyuan spans various fields, encompassing VR entertainment, VR popular science, VR esports, and VR cultural tourism destinations. During this expo, we showcased popular VR gaming machines such as the FPS Arena, VR Magic UFO, VR Hoverboard, VR Fighter Aircraft, VR Drop Tower, and 360°Double Flight VR! Our booth garnered significant interest right from the opening day, attracting a steady flow of attendees eager to experience FuninVR’s latest VR technologies firsthand.

Popular New Product – Magic FPS Arena

With its debut, it instantly captured the attention of all attendees. Featuring striking design aesthetics, real-time combat mechanics, and full-range mobility, it enhances the shooting experience with unparalleled realism and gratification!

Best Seller – VR Magic UFO

A VR amusement product enabling simultaneous participation of up to 5 individuals. Sporting a futuristic flying saucer design and offering a thrilling 360°spinning flight experience, it promises exhilarating moments filled with screams!

Eye-catching Representative – VR Hoverboard

Let’s embark on an adventure into uncharted realms together! It enables forward, backward, and 360°omnidirectional rotation, allowing players to delve into a blend of virtual and real-world exploration!

Thrilling Device – VR Drop Tower

The VR adaptation of a free fall attraction, offering an incredibly lifelike simulation of real-world gaming experiences. With a 1.5-meter safety ascent and descent, it plunges players into a compelling sensation of weightlessness!

Super New Arrival – 360°Double Flight VR

With extensive freedom of rotation, stimulating multiple sensory organs, interactive shooting, and a plethora of special effects, it amplifies the joy twofold!

Must-have VR Simulator – VR Fighter Aircraft

Featuring a realistic dark gray camouflage design, it boasts the capability to execute multiple degrees of freedom in its movement trajectories, while simulating a variety of driving scenarios, delivering an exceptionally realistic and immersive experience!

Corporate Representative Discusses Future Prospects

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. received an invitation to attend the “2024 China Immersive Entertainment and Cultural Tourism Digital Technology Innovation Development Forum” on March 21st. During the conference, the company’s director, Yang Lianxia, delivered a keynote address, highlighting Zhuoyuan’s robust brand capabilities and sharing insights and perspectives on the future fusion of VR with cultural tourism advancement.

Nowadays, the China International Amusement Equipment Expo has experienced significant expansion in product diversity, accelerated deployment across various application contexts, deepening cultural significance, and ongoing enhancement of technological sophistication. Consequently, it has evolved into a pivotal platform for demonstrating the market competitiveness and brand impact of Chinese enterprises specializing in cultural and tourism equipment, as well as cultural creative industries.


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