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Notification Of Regional protection policy


Dear Valued customers,

Thank you for your long term support,each customer is unique and special for sincere. In order to provide better services to you, the following content will be used as a regional protection policy to bring more convenience and benefits to you.

Equipment Amount Regional Protection Rules
  General city Specific city*
33000$ The venue in these cities are given protection for the same series of products in the same mall None
33000$<Amount<83000$ The venue in these cities are given protection for the same series of products within 3 km The venue in these cities are given protection for the same series of products in the same mall
Amount of equipment in one store≥83000$ The venue in these cities are given protection for buyer’s theme park within 3 km The VR theme park in these cities are given protection in its mall/park/paradise…
* The following are specific cities: New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Moscow, Jakarta, Burssels
The same series of products are as follow:

Experience theme: 6 seats VR dark mars, VR cinema, VR battleship, Star twin seats VR, VR Interstellar, VR warship,VR spaceship, Vibration VR

Racing theme: VR racing moto, VR racing kart, 3 screens racing car

Shooting theme: FPS Arena, Infinity war, Sniper warrior

Flying theme:360 degrees VR simulator, space-shuttle VR simulator, Eagle flight VR,VR airplane, VR flighter aircraft, VR spacecraft

Interactive theme: VR drop tower, VR mecha, VR ski machine,E-space walk VR

The agency area/country enforces Regional Protection Policy in accordance with the terms of the exclusive agency agreement
All orders provide regional protection for 2 years according to the installation address given in the contract
When the regional protection time expires, buyer can contact seller to discuss renewal
The installation address must be the same as the installation address in Clause 9 of the contract (if not, buyer can not enjoy the regional protection policy). The seller has the right to stop the device if buyer violates the foreign region protection policy.
If buyer need to change addresses, please notify FuninVR in advance
Note: These rules are only used in shopping malls, tourist spots and hotels, and non-profit projects are not restricted by these rules.

We will continue to provide you with the highest quality products and service, as always.

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