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Exhibition FuninVR Showcases Newly VR Rides at The Leisure Tourism Industry Exhibition

FuninVR Showcases Newly VR Rides at The Leisure Tourism Industry Exhibition

04/30/2024     Exhibition

From April 25th to 27th, 2024, the Leisure Tourism Industry Exhibition took place at the Linyi International Expo Center, under the theme of “Fashionable leisure and tourism products for a stylish lifestyle”. The event attracted over 500 companies from across the country in the cultural tourism sector, presenting a range of over 10,000 premium products. The exhibition featured 3 main theme pavilions and 6 immersive cultural tourism consumption experiences, offering attendees a diverse and engaging showcase of the industry.

FuninVR, a leading provider of VR game simulators in the entertainment sector, was honored to be invited to the exhibition. At the event, we presented a range of cutting-edge products such as the VR Magic UFO, VR Drop Tower, VR Fighter Aircraft, VR Hoverboard, VR Treadmill and more.

There is no doubt that the fusion of digital technology with cultural tourism plays a crucial role in industry advancement. Immersive cultural tourism attractions utilizing VR technology are gaining popularity worldwide, offering a unique and engaging experience for travelers of all backgrounds.

At the FuninVR booth, putting on VR helmet enables players to embark on a journey through various time periods and locations, fulfilling your aspirations of flying high in the sky and delving into the underwater world! Suitable for individuals of all ages, these top-notch VR equipment cater to your thirst for excitement and discovery.

VR Magic UFO: Immerse yourself in roller coaster simulations, indulging in exhilarating gaming experiences across diverse scenarios!

VR Drop Tower: VR free-fall ride is not for the timid, offering an extreme high-altitude challenge and a captivating experience that will keep you coming back for more!

VR Fighter Aircraft: Experience the J-20 fighter jet in a first-person simulation of aerial combat above Midway Island!

VR Treadmill: Experience the sleek new VR treadmill, offering 360°infinite freedom of movement and a rapid challenge to the reigning king of athletics!

VR Hoverboard: Enjoy seamless, lag-free control and 360° free steering, freeing up your hands for a truly immersive combat experience!

At the 2024 Leisure Tourism Industry Exhibition, FuninVR showcased the dynamic appeal of merging VR technology with cultural tourism development, continuously setting new standards for “VR + cultural tourism exploration and education”.

FuninVR looks forward to introducing more innovative VR game machines in the future. Stay tuned for what’s coming next. See you again soon!

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