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Exhibition Discover New VR Solutions From FuninVR at the Canton Fair

Discover New VR Solutions From FuninVR at the Canton Fair

04/23/2024     Exhibition

FuninVR attended at the 135th Canton Fair from April 15th to 19th, 2024, showcasing two brand new virtual reality machines. And the FuninVR booth emerged as the focal point of the exhibition, drawing the largest crowds with its captivating performance.

There were two cutting-edge VR simulators: the 360°Double Flight VR and VR Drift Racing. The 360°Double Flight VR, renowned for its ability to perform exhilarating flips, provided players with a multisensory experience that captivated audiences. Meanwhile, VR Drift Racing boasted state-of-the-art drifting equipment and professional-grade racing cockpits, delivering an unparalleled sense of control that left participants exhilarated.

Throughout the expo, the FuninVR booth drew in a significant influx of both domestic and international buyers eager to experience our VR arcade game machines. Many media outlets surrounded the FuninVR booth, conducting thorough interviews with our company executives. Notably, even prestigious media entities like CCTV didn’t miss out, offering special coverage of the FuninVR booth, highlighting our prominent position and profound expertise within the VR industry.

Furthermore, it also showcased the formidable impact of “Made in China” to global buyers. The booth not only displayed products but also exemplified an innovative mindset and technological expertise. During the five-day exhibition, the booth experienced a steady stream of visitors, attracting numerous buyers interested in VR technology to inquire about professional techniques and design solutions. In addition, many international buyers visited the factory in Guangzhou Zhuoyuan New Industrial Park to experience more VR equipment, further solidifying FuninVR’s leading position in the Chinese VR industry.

With the rapid growth of the global VR market, Zhuoyuan maintains a firm belief that through ongoing innovation and technological advancements, China’s enhanced productivity standards will gain greater prominence, showcasing the formidable strength of China’s advanced technology.

In summary, FuninVR’s exceptional display at the Canton Fair not only highlighted the prowess of the Chinese VR sector but also exemplified the impressive accomplishments of “Made in China” on the global stage, offering a glimpse into the ascendancy and inventive capacity of China’s manufacturing sector. Last but not least, if you are looking for high-quality VR game machines, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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