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Exhibition FuninVR Showcased Innovation at 2024 IAAPA Expo Asia in Thailand

FuninVR Showcased Innovation at 2024 IAAPA Expo Asia in Thailand

06/06/2024     Exhibition

The IAAPA Expo Asia in Bangkok concluded after three days, with a continuous stream of visitors gathering in front of the FuninVR booth. The displayed virtual reality equipment, including the VR Battleship and the 360° VR Simulator, drew much attention and earned high praises from numerous visitors throughout the event held from May 28 to 30.

The VR Battleship and 360° VR Simulator both garnered consensual praise from players. Attendees eagerly lined up to try out these VR attractions, fully immersing themselves in the virtual environments and relishing the experience. They expressed great satisfaction with the arcade machines, labeling them as incredibly entertaining, innovative, and unforgettable.

The VR Battleship, designed to look like an adorable panda, has captured the hearts of children. Equipped with dual seats, it is perfect for parents and kids, couples, or friends looking to share an exciting experience. With cutting-edge smart controllers and a range of special effects, the immersion is truly dynamic. Additionally, a selection of themed games ensures players have a fulfilling and diverse gaming experience.

The 360° VR Simulator is a cutting-edge game machine that offers a full 360-degree rotation, immersing players in the excitement of an indoor roller coaster ride. Its sleek and attention-grabbing design is sure to draw more customers to stores. Featuring a range of premium original content, this device provides a thrilling and sensory-stimulating rotating experience that pushes boundaries and captivates multiple senses.

Beyond simply presenting products, the FuninVR team engaged actively with attendees, addressing their inquiries and attentively considering their input. This expo served as a valuable platform for FuninVR to enhance relationships with both current and prospective clients. Through the introduction of advanced products and technology, our company showcased a keen awareness of customer requirements and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Such direct engagement not only bolstered the trust and loyalty of existing clientele but also drew in a greater number of new clients to the company.

FuninVR extends heartfelt gratitude to friends worldwide for their support and recognition, and eagerly anticipates reuniting with you at the next expo!

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