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Exhibition FuninVR’s Newly VR Machine in 2023 IAAPA Asia Expo

FuninVR’s Newly VR Machine in 2023 IAAPA Asia Expo

06/19/2023     Exhibition

Successful Exhibition

Congratulations to FuninVR on its successful participation in the IAAPA Asia Expo! From June 14 to 17, 2023, FuninVR was invited to attend the IAAPA Asia Expo. As a leading event in the Asian attractions industry, the IAAPA Asia Expo brought together the most influential companies and professionals in the industry and provided a platform for exhibiting companies to promote and showcase their products, as well as exchange and interact with others in the industry. As a company specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of VR interactive entertainment equipment, FuninVR’s participation in the expo helped promote its products and brand, and facilitated the advancement of its business and industry.

Popular VR Simulator

During the expo, IAAPA attendees were given the opportunity to experience the cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology that FuninVR had to offer. At the expo, FuninVR showcased two extremely popular products, VR Racing Moto and VR Battleship, both of which were met with great enthusiasm.

Many players were thrilled to try out the VR Racing Moto, which provided an incredibly immersive experience. Sitting on a motorcycle VR machine and wearing the VR headset, players were transported to a world where they could speed through various environments at a breathtaking pace. The game’s realism and attention to detail left a lasting impression on many attendees who were eager to try it again.

What’s more, VR Battleship was another standout attraction at the expo. This VR simulator presented players with a unique opportunity to experience a naval battle in virtual world. Players could control a virtual battleship and engage in fierce combat with an AI opponent. With the game’s intuitive controls and immersive graphics, many players found themselves fully immersed in the heat of battle.

Fortunately, FuninVR’s VR Racing Moto and VR Battleship were well-received and gained great support during this year’s IAAPA Asia Expo, proving that the company is at the forefront of VR technology and gaming innovation. Last but not least, if you are interested in VR products, please leave your message, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

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