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Congratulations To The Success Of FuninVR Ahmed Agent In Egypt

Congratulations to the success of FuninVR Ahmed agent In Egypt In Cairo, Egypt, Ahmed served as our FuninVR agent.Total equipments 14 sets:6seats VR dark mars,VR Mecha ,Vibrating VR,VR Eagle flight simulator ,Space-Time Shuttle simulator VR,Funin VR+, Gun bar,VR Car Racing simulator 2sets,VR Racing Motor 2sets,VR Karting simulator 2sets. While they engage in extensive and cordial …

Eagle flight VR Simulator In Brazil

Eagle flight VR Simulator In Brazil Our Brazil customer, the VR simulators in his VR experience center is produced from our factory. Mr. Maikow rent a place in a shopping center to start his VR business. Let’s check what machines he owned. Eagle flight VR*3 sets: the classic and popular model in the market for …

How To Continue Operating A VR Park In Peru

A VR theme park was opened in Peru, which with 200 square meters and verities of VR products. The owner of this store purchased these equipments from FuninVR. Initially he wanted to open his own entertainment store. So in 2019, he decided to come to China to inspect companies and factories. At the same time, …

VR Game Center in Cote D’Ivoire

VR Game Center in Cote D’Ivoire   Brief Introduction In March 2020, they start the business at Abidjan city. Different from other VR centers, they do not only have VR simulators, but a PlayStation room, a 5D cinema room, a children’s play area, and a restaurant. This kind of business operating model provides choices for …

  • We manufacture the full set of VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator.

  • FuninVR

    FuninVR now has seven major entertainment categories, totally more than 30 self-designed VR products covering game types including experience, multiplayer competition, flight, car-racing, parent-kid and science popularization


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