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Cases VR Game Center in Cote D’Ivoire

VR Game Center in Cote D’Ivoire

10/13/2021     Cases

VR Game Center in Cote D’Ivoire


  1. Brief Introduction

In March 2020, they start the business at Abidjan city. Different from other VR centers, they do not only have VR simulators, but a PlayStation room, a 5D cinema room, a children’s play area, and a restaurant. This kind of business operating model provides choices for different needs consumers and embrace more consumer group.

Do you ever consider having a birthday party in the VR center? In the Sika E-Game Center, they help to scheme the birthday party, many children had spent their happy birthday in this center! Furthermore, for company team building, it’s also a good choice.

  1. Our cooperation Model

They have chosen three models from our company: VR Slider*1, Beat Hero*1, AUTO VR*1.

VR Slider: you can play the roller coaster, travel, Large Pendulum such these games, a different experience from dynamic seat VR. When you stand on it with floor vibration will feel strong real and different virtual reality experience.

Beat Hero: it’s a multiplayer competitive machine, two players can have an online competition and with rank. Besides, players can play dance games, players transformed into a musical warrior holding two swords on the dance floor happily cut the notes one by one according to the rhythm of the music, PK and compete with each other freely, see who dances better, and react faster!

AUTO VR: It is designed to be a robot, a smart robot. 49inch super HD screen, more attractive. With exclusive copyright content “Actiondexpiation”, HD quality, highly interactive. Self-service VR, simple operation guidance, automatically control the headset up and down. It can support coins, QR codes, cards, online competitions such as many modes. economical but high-performance product.

  1. Their Address

7eme tranche, centre commercial Elohim Center, route du café de Versaille.


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  • We manufacture the full set of VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator.

  • FuninVR

    FuninVR now has seven major entertainment categories, totally more than 30 self-designed VR products covering game types including experience, multiplayer competition, flight, car-racing, parent-kid and science popularization


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