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Play With FuninVR And Enjoy Your VR Journey

Play With FuninVR And Enjoy Your VR Journey Malta customer purchase 6 seats VR dark mars*1, VR racing moto*2. Recently they received goods and put these machine on Christmas Village. This spot has lots of tourists, many people is curious about VR machine and try it so many times. This VR experience point is located …

Congratulations To The Success Of FuninVR Ahmed Agent In Egypt

Congratulations to the success of FuninVR Ahmed agent In Egypt In Cairo, Egypt, Ahmed served as our FuninVR agent.Total equipments 14 sets:6seats VR dark mars,VR Mecha ,Vibrating VR,VR Eagle flight simulator ,Space-Time Shuttle simulator VR,Funin VR+, Gun bar,VR Car Racing simulator 2sets,VR Racing Motor 2sets,VR Karting simulator 2sets. While they engage in extensive and cordial …

Indoor Virtual Reality Game Zone In Vietnam

Indoor Virtual Reality Game Zone In Vietnam One of FuninVR ‘s clients, Flamingoresorts, was founded in 1996 with HanoiRedtours. Since then, the company has grown exponentially across a number of sectors, including leisure real estate, tourism, hospitality services, construction, architecture, and more. Flamingo bought a number of VR headsets from FuninVR, including the 6 seat VR dark mars, Space– Time Shuttle VR Simulator, Star Twin Seat VR, VR racing kart, V– Race Car, Virtual Reality Reality( VR) Mecha, and Eagle Flight VR. There are about 30 products in the game zone of the 500square– meter VR amusement park. FuninVR ‘s engineer traveled to Vinh Phuc Province before the Flamingo VR project was launched to assist them with installation and training so that they could soon open a VR amusement park.

The Largest VR Centre In Russia

The Largest VR Centre In Russia Teleport is the largest VR experience center in Russia. They built this amusement center in 2019, and all the equipment was purchased from FuninVR. Before that, the boss of teleport and the purchasing department came to China from Russia to inspect FuninVR company and factory, and were very satisfied …

What Will It Be Like When VR Enters The Mexico Museum

What Will It Be Like When VR Enters The Mexico Museum? Planetario Lunaria (Planetario y Centro Interactivo de Jalisco LUNARIA) as a famous Astronomy Museum in Mexico, they decided to make some update in their museum. The concept of the person in charge of the museum is that it is necessary to keep pace with the times …

VR Experience Centers Are Very Popular In France

A French customer said: In September 2021, I bought 6 seats VR dark mars, VR racing moto to events. Every event was very successful and received local people’s likes. I also plans to expand the scale and hold more events. I always to do Event activities,  and I think choosing FuninVR is my best choice! …

Ninja Park with 9D VR Game in Belgium

Ninja Park with 9D VR Game in Belgium 1. Brief Introduction It’s not an easy start for Ninja Park to start their business. They were planned to open the park on March, 6th. However, there come the covid-2019, and they have to postpone it. Even in that hard 2020, they were not considering dropping this …

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