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Cases Ninja Park with 9D VR Game in Belgium

Ninja Park with 9D VR Game in Belgium

11/11/2021     Cases

Ninja Park with 9D VR Game in Belgium

1. Brief Introduction
It’s not an easy start for Ninja Park to start their business. They were planned to open the park on March, 6th. However, there come the covid-2019, and they have to postpone it. Even in that hard 2020, they were not considering dropping this business. Because they know that the VR business will be welcomed by local people, it’s the trend of arcade games. And it turns out a good result, after the covid-2019 past, their business becoming better and better. They do not only accept individual guests but groups like birthday parties, company buildings.

2. Our Cooperation Model
They have chosen three models from our company: Infinite War, FPS Arena, Beat Hero, Hunting Bar(6 players), 6 Seats VR Dark Mars, Eagle Flight VR, VR Racing Moto*2, VR Racing Kart*2.
The following models are especially welcomed by customers.
Infinite War: this is a model that shooting enthusiasts shouldn’t miss! Games are including shooting wars, zombie wars, Jurassic dinosaur battles, and so on.

FPS Arena: high ROI product, only 5sqm you can start your business. Mainly focus on games like future war, zombie war, music games and so on.

6 Seats VR Dark Mars: Popular in the market for many years, won the Hi-tech product of Guangdong Province and the approved product of Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture.
VR Racing Moto: mainly focus on driving competition games, experience the excitement of racing in the VR world! Multiple games for your choice,

VR Racing Kart: it’s a new model in 2021, totally revert the real car, gives players the pleasure and realism of speed. The clean white body is made of high-grade glass fiber reinforced plastic, showing different visual effects in gloss.

3. Their Address
Chaussee romain 248,4300 Waremme

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