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Cases Super-large VR theme park

Super-large VR theme park

03/18/2021     Cases

Super-large VR theme park

Store address: Belarus

venue square: 1400

01 Location: Popular scenic spots

Equipment: This super-large VR theme park is equipped with 14 popular equipments , 6Seats 9d VR Dark Mars, 720 Degree VR flight simulator, Eagle Flight VR *2, VR Racing Car*2, VR Racing Kart*2, VR Motor*2 , VR Mecha*2,

There is a constant flow of player in the park every day, and it is enthusiastically sought after by the people of Belarus!

02 Matching: equipment combination

For equipment combination, first consider the size of the venue, secondly consider the characteristics of the crowd, and finally consider the main features;

VR Racing Kart–Online Competition

The main online multiplayer karting competition! Every post-80,90years has a memory about karting, a masterpiece of feelings, awakening your youthful memories!

6 Seat VR Dark mars –High revenue, quick payback

One of the classic popular products, popular in the market for several years! You can experience 6 people at a time, with high revenue and quick payback!

VR Racing Motor –check in the circle of friends

Cool appearance, online competition, fashionable and sexy pose, super good-looking photos, essential for punching in.

The above is our case sharing today. Have you learned it?

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