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Cases FuninVR VR Theme Park ,Blooming all over the world

FuninVR VR Theme Park ,Blooming all over the world

03/31/2021     Cases

FuninVR VR Theme Park ,Blooming all over the world
FuninVR has more than 3,500 experience stores, distributed in more than 100 countries around the world and first-, second- and third-tier cities across the world. FuninVR classic models products, hot-selling models, Variety of styles, small operating venues, suitable for venues operating 20-100 m², Products can be freely matched
     Madrid, Spain
Two shopping malls in Madrid, Spain, , Respectively covering an area of 320 m² and 40 m². There are a total of 22 sets VR products in the two stores. Whether it is holidays or workdays, there is a huge crowd, and many people come to experience it.

In the most luxurious mall in the Philippines, 200 m² VR theme park have 5 Sets VR Products , including VR Racing motor , Eagle Flight VR Simulator ,E-Space VR Walk, Star twin seat VR,VR Racing Kart, (2 sets). Since its opening, it has quickly become a hotspot in the Philippines.

In a well-known shopping mall in India, FuninVR VR theme park is set up on the top floor, with 6 Seats 9d VR dark mars ,VR Racing Car ,VR Gatling, E-Space VR Walk ,Indian customers said that since the opening, business has been very good and plans to continue to open stores in other venues!

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    FuninVR now has seven major entertainment categories, totally more than 30 self-designed VR products covering game types including experience, multiplayer competition, flight, car-racing, parent-kid and science popularization


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