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Cases New opening VR Experience Store in China’s Wanda Plaza

New opening VR Experience Store in China’s Wanda Plaza

05/26/2023     Cases

If you’re eager to explore new worlds and experience unparalleled gaming sensations, then Wanda Plaza’s new VR experience store is a must-visit destination!

Thrilling and Exciting VR Games
This VR experience store is equipped with the two most popular VR products – Star Twin Seat VR and VR FPS Game Simulator. Star Twin Seat VR is a 9D VR chair that typically consists of two seats for two people to use together, enhancing interaction and entertainment. VR FPS Game Simulator is a shooting game simulator based on virtual reality technology. In this simulator, players can wear VR helmets, hold VR controllers, and play as characters in the game, experiencing the thrill and excitement of assassinating enemies, engaging in gunfights, dodging attacks, and searching for key intelligence.


Item Value
Product Size 1.92*1.14*1.93m
Helmet Deepoon E3
Weight 354kg
Rated Load 200kg
Player 2
Number of Games VR35+7 Fun-coin+5D 33
Measured Power 1.2kw


VR Theme Park – Small Places Make Big Money!
These two products have been widely used in various scenarios, such as gaming halls, entertainment venues, museums, vr theme parks, etc. Since its opening, this VR experience store in Zhuhai has been very popular among tourists, and there are countless players visiting every day for the experience, which has naturally resulted in significant financial gains. With only 30 square meters of space, the store owner can achieve profitability within a month of opening, and this profitable phenomenon will continue to persist. It’s true that small spaces can make big money!

Come and Join us in Virtual Reality
Imagine putting on a VR equipment and picking up a controller where your surroundings instantly transform into a virtual world filled with futuristic sensations. You can explore and experience freely, feeling as if you’ve stepped into a sci-fi movie. We’re a professional VR manufacturer providing our customers with the most competitive and innovative products, as well as customized business solutions such as training, exhibitions, demonstrations, and advertisements. Our professional team provides customers with the most suitable solutions based on their needs for the optimal commercial benefit. If you want to know more about the vr game simulator, please leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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