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Cases 9D Virtual Reality Games Simulator VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium

9D Virtual Reality Games Simulator VR Machine Magic UFO in Belgium

06/12/2023     Cases

We are delighted for the launch of the latest game simulator, VR Magic UFO, in a shopping mall in Belgium. The VR Magic UFO is a next-generation virtual reality experience, offering young and old visitors to the mall an unforgettable, thrilling gaming experience.

VR Metaverse Equipment

The VR Magic UFO simulator can accommodate up to five players at once, which has many environmental effects like wind blowing, leg sweeping, hip vibrating, etc, featuring a 360° infinite rotation that adds to the authentic and immersive gaming experience. With just five square meters of space needed for the simulator, mall owners and small business owners can easy add this lucrative VR attraction to their offerings. Additionally, the VR Magic UFO simulator is equipped with a variety of games, each offering high replay value, making it an excellent choice for visitors who want to challenge themselves and their friends again and again.

Honestly speaking, the VR Magic UFO is an excellent choice for not only families and friends looking for a unique, pleasant experience but for businesses as well. The simulator can be customized with branding and promotional materials, helping attract potential customers and expand brand awareness.

Want to try out the latest high-tech VR Magic UFO simulator?

  • Incredible immersive gaming experience taking you on a thrilling journey
  • Risk-free and controlled environment guaranteeing your safety
  • Enjoying the exciting and innovative games in virtual world
  • Making unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime

The technology grows and advances rapidly, and new and exciting VR machines are released all the time. VR simulators offer a thrilling experience that you will not want to miss. For more information on FuninVR and the VR products, please leave a message directly, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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