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Cases Delve into the Wonderful Virtual Reality World in Romania

Delve into the Wonderful Virtual Reality World in Romania

03/02/2024     Cases

Looking for a fun outing? Look no further! A brand-new VR fun park has recently opened in IASI, Romania, featuring a wide array of VR simulators and a thrilling 5D dynamic cinema from FuninVR. This exciting addition not only caters to the local market’s desires but also provides a creative and imaginative entertainment zone for visitors at the IASI mall.

Situated in a strategically advantageous location, the IASI shopping mall has become an even more attractive destination with the introduction of this Virtual Reality indoor playground. It combines shopping, entertainment, and recreational activities, which attracts a large number of visitors. The newly introduced VR park is expected to significantly increase foot traffic at the mall, opening up profitable prospects for the merchants.

Name 360°VR Simulator
Player 1
Weight 588kg
Helmet Deepoon E3
Rated Load 100kg
Measured Power 1.5kw
Number of Games VR18
Product Size 1866*1219*2041mm

The key to FuninVR’s partnership lies in the seamless blending of advanced technology and gaming experiences. Through VR amusement park rides, players dive deep into a virtual world and enjoy exciting gaming experiences to the maximum. Moreover, the 5D theater transforms the movie-watching experience with immersive effects that transport viewers into realistic scenes featuring gusts of wind, rain showers, thunderstorms, and lightning flashes.

The rise of VR gaming centers, built on the combination of modern tech and entertainment, not only presents a new recreation option for locals but also brings additional value services to the mall. Reports have shown a flourishing business environment since the launch of the VR gaming zone.

We are looking forward to seeing an increasing number of VR amusement experience stores in the future, providing even more entertaining and immersive gaming experiences. Finally, please feel free to contact us for further information on the VR entertainment business.

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