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Cases Create New Gaming Experiences with VR Rides in Netherlands

Create New Gaming Experiences with VR Rides in Netherlands

03/05/2024     Cases

Nowadays, with advancing technology and evolving consumer habits, experiential entertainment has been gaining momentum. One of our clients from Netherlands acquired a range of Virtual Reality arcade machines from FuninVR. Spanning 180 square meters, the outlet has thrived following promotional efforts and advertising, offering a fresh and exhilarating entertainment option for local patrons.

This VR theme park features a variety of 9D VR simulators, such as VR Battleship, 360°VR Simulator, VR Racing Moto, Magic FPS Arena, VR Dark Mars, VR Treadmill, Snipe Warrior, and VR Racing Kart. Each of them has a unique and attractive appearance, representing different virtual worlds and game settings that enable players to engage in diverse gaming experiences. For instance, the VR Racing Kart allows players experience the fun of driving a race car through virtual reality technology, as if they were on a real race track. And Magic FPS Arena presents a sniper simulation game that plunges players into the thrill of a genuine battlefield.

In addition, the store’s interior design is centered around the color blue, providing a futuristic visual experience. And the store is meticulously maintained and the devices operate without any issues, which allows customers to fully indulge in the joy of gaming.

Furthermore, shortly after its opening, this VR gaming center quickly gained popularity, drawing in numerous customers through word-of-mouth recommendations who were full of praise for the store and its equipment. Notably, the game content on each device is regularly refreshed and improved to retain customer interest and appeal to new players, ensuring a dynamic experience. Besides, the owner is actively exploring additional promotional avenues and seeking opportunities for collaboration to expand the player base, with a particular focus on engaging the younger demographic.

In the future, we can expect more VR game machines to enter the entertainment market and bring even more diverse gaming experiences. Last but not least, please contact us at anytime if you would like to know more about VR business.

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