Dynamic Exteme Theme FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality egg VR Simulator
FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality egg VR Simulator
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  • FuninVR 9D Virtual Reality egg VR Simulator

    Brand Name:FuninVR                                                Movie:More than 60 pcs
    Machine Type:9d vr                                                    Motion Seat:360° Rotation 
    Player:1-2 Players                                                      Glasses:VR Glasses                                                  

    Voltage:110-220                                                      Certificate:CE/SGS/TUV/BV/CE

    Space requires:2x2m                                                  Warranty:12 Months
    • Description

    FuninVR Star twin seat VR
    Zhuoyuan FuninVR 9D virtual reality cinema simulator seamlessly combines virtual reality units, peripheral hardware devices and entertainment platforms to change traditional entertainment forms and create changes for consumers to enter the interactive entertainment industry. Players can sit on each single egg seat and wear VR glasses. They can feel the left and right, front and rear, and front and rear movements according to various scenes in the game.

    FuninVR 9D VR Parameter

    Rated power
    Blue with White
    Input voltage
    Max Player
    2 Players
    Pico, DPVR E3, 3 Glasses
    Net Weight
    12 Months



    ·Leather Seat with air plane seat belt,            ·Advanced audio on both sides, full                ·PVC colorful light

    Strong joysticks on both side                          surround sound during game                          ·Ear wind


    ·Ultra resistant fiber-reinforced plastic          ·Seat vibration effect                                          ·High configuration build-in computer:

    polymer seat                                                     ·Acrylic with blue light and carved metal          Intel I5/GTX1060/SSD 256G/DDR4 8G

    ·Leg sweep special effect                                steel logo, plate shells                                       ·32” LED public game display with

    ·Electric crank system: lower power, zero    Smart card management system                        Smart card management system

                                                                               maintenance,low noise, smooth movement


    1.A quality leap,create a peak in entertainment technology
    A perfect combination of three new technologies
    Leading edge virtual reality technology,interactive simulative numerical control technology, diversified entertainment content. A lot of different technologies are mixed together to make the virtual reality more perfect.

    2.A value leap,the most powerful wealth business opportunity.
    Innovate the traditional form of entertainments, launched a strong development of the further application about virtual reality.
    Constructing the business model of the virtual interactive entertainment industry chain

    3.A sense leap,Immersive game experience.
    360°panoramic simulation+ dynamic interactive seat,from the view to the body,fully experience the stimulus and joy of the game.

    4. A content leap,has everything you could want.
    Ownage Burst,Sword Fighting,The Vast Universe and The Bright Sky,The Deep Blue Sea,and so on. In a word, we have the things which you expect to find

    Start High Return Business


    FuninVR Global Business



    Our technical certifications

    Company Profile

    Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co.,LTD owns 30000 sqm new factory, certified with ISO 9001 and we have a development & research center with a floor space of 3000 sqm. it has been more than a decade since its establishment

    Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has over 106 patents and more than 20 CE certificates. It is titled as the National High Tech Enterprise and has a certification from Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System.


    Q: Where can I run the 9D VR cinema and what is the size of the room it requires?
    A: Shopping mall,amusement park,airport,club,theater, scenic spots,Theme park,around the school ect. Many locations are suitable because it just needs 2-9 spare meters to place the whole set of machine.

    Q: How many movies do you offer?
    A: We have 25 movies offered for free once you purchase it.Then we offer 1 movie every month for you in the future.

    Q: What is the type of your movies?
    A: Horror,thriller,cartoon,race movies ect. 5-10 minutes for every movie.

    Q: Is every movie in the market workable in the 9D VR cinema?
    A: Only our special movies are workable because the movement of the seats corresponds to the movie.

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