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Cases Story of 9d VR DARK MARS Simulator and one of its holder

Story of 9d VR DARK MARS Simulator and one of its holder

04/28/2020     Cases

Ladies and gentleman! Here is Zhuoyuan company, we are now introducing our popular product, the 9d VR DARK MARS simulator. It has 6 seats,and has wind, sweeping leg, button vibration, various special effect to provide more realistic experience. What’s more,The 9d VR Simulator not only solves the problem of 5D/7D cinema traditional storefronts and fixed screen dependence, but also break the limitation of audience numbers in 9D cinema. It has high return rate, six tickets one time, create high profit. And it has shining mech style, can deeply attracted customer’s eye. I can make sure that this product can bring you a better experience than ever before.

One of our customer, Lily, bought this 9D VR DARK MARS Simulator from our company, giving very high praise. She said she is a staff in an internet company, and she really want to earn some extra money. After searching the information from website, she decided to understand the VR field and finally do the VR business. She rented a space in a mall , and started his side job. As you can see the picture below, people in the mall are highly interested in the simulator, and the children immersed in the game, smile shown on their face. Lily told us that she did a wise choice and she will buy more product from our company when she rent another places. She expressed her gratitude to us and wish our company getting better and better.

Here is a story from our 9d VR DARK MARS Simulator, if you want to have the similar story like Lily, Contact us and we will give you a big surprise!


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