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Cases Searching for Amusement Park Equipment in Tunisia

Searching for Amusement Park Equipment in Tunisia

01/24/2024     Cases

One of our clients from Tunisia has made a purchase of popular VR game simulators from FuninVR and installed them in two amusement parks with the aim of offering local tourists an exceptional entertainment experience. And we truly appreciate for the Tunisian client’s trust and support for FuninVR.

These VR arcade machines comprise various sought-after products from FuninVR, such as VR Magic UFO, VR Battleship, VR Racing Car, Magic FPS Arena, and VR Flight Aircraft. These cutting-edge and meticulously crafted devices provide visitors with an immersive entertainment experience, enabling them to directly engage in thrilling and adventurous scenarios.

It is important to highlight that the Tunisian client is extremely satisfied with both the quality of FuninVR’s products and the company’s after-sales service. They are impressed by the top-notch quality, advanced technology, and realistic experiences delivered by the products. Whether it’s exploring enigmatic galaxies in VR Flight Aircraft or experiencing the exciting shooting games in Magic FPS Arena, players tangibly feel the novel sensations brought about by these VR rides.

Moreover, the Tunisian client holds FuninVR’s after-sales service in high regard. Throughout the installation and usage processes, FuninVR’s professional team has provided prompt and effective support and help. The Tunisian client asserts that FuninVR is not merely a product supplier but rather a reliable partner.

All in all, the Tunisian customer’s choice demonstrates FuninVR’s outstanding strength and development potential to the world. With its quality assurance, innovative technology, and outstanding service as the foundation, FuninVR has become a leader among Chinese Virtual Reality entertainment device suppliers. In the future, we have every reason to believe that FuninVR will continue to provide customers with more innovative products and professional support to meet the growing global demand for VR entertainment.

Last but not least, if you are interested in knowing how to start up a VR business, please feel free to contact us!

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