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Cases Creative Mobile VR Business in Romania

Creative Mobile VR Business in Romania

11/14/2023     Cases

In today’s digital age, virtual reality (VR) is changing the entertainment industry at an astonishing pace. We have a client from Romania who chose to bring the charm of VR to where people are, and operate a VR business through a mobile vehicle.

He owns two arcade game machines from FuninVR, VR Cinema and VR Racing Moto. These two devices offer players a brand-new entertainment experience and attract a large number of customers. VR Cinema immerses players into the world of movies to experience the plot firsthand, while VR Racing Moto takes players into the world of extreme racing, allowing them to experience the fusion of speed and passion.

Item Value
Product Size 3.25*1.71*2.28m
Helmet Deepoon E3
Tilt angle for right and left 10°
Tilt angle for back and forth Fore angle 12.5°

Aft angle 15.5°

Numbers of Games VR 32+7 Fun-coin +5D 33
Players 4
Measured Power 3.0kw


More and more people are realizing that VR is no longer limited to traditional game halls, but can bring people fun experiences anytime, anywhere. Mobile VR business provides people with more choices and creates more business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

By operating a VR business through a mobile vehicle, the merchant brings greater convenience to customers. Whether in city squares, shopping centers or community events, his mobile VR equipment can easily reach the masses and provide unique entertainment options. This not only provides people with a different way of leisure, but also creates more business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The success of VR business not only sets an example for entrepreneurs, but also delivers an important message to the global entertainment industry: VR is not the future, but the present, and VR is available instantaneously. With only your courage and creativity, you can achieve success in this new field. Let us look forward to more entrepreneurs emerging, bringing more innovative VR experiences, and together appreciate the charm of this digital age. Last but not least, if you are interested in VR entertainment, please feel free to contact us!

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