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Cases Germany Virtual Reality Arcade multiplayer game

Germany Virtual Reality Arcade multiplayer game

04/06/2022     Cases

Germany Virtual Reality Arcade multiplayer game
The concept of the metaverse has made VR more sought after by more and more people. A more realistic gaming experience makes young people feel more exciting. At the same time, VR multiplayer arcade devices and interesting videos support friends or family members to experience together, which can add more topics. With the popularity of VR, more and more people will also go to VR stores to experience and make videos to explain his fun and gameplay to others, and then they will put the videos on Youtube to attract more people to pay attention to VR.

We have Germany agent who can help you get VR machine,so our agent’s customer get their machine and open VRWorld store in Germany.Let’s see which machine they have.
360 degrees VR simulator: This product could rotate 360 degrees when playing game, players could experience roller coaster, shooting game and pure experience game in this machine,multiple seat belts fix the player, and the strong sense of weightlessness brought by 360 rotation and visual effects make the experience more exciting. It only suitable for teens and adults because it’s very crazy!!!

It mainly focus on attract more people come to your shop, similarly, the diversity of films will also bring people more intense interest, you know, people likes exciting things.
Althrough it only support one person play at a time, the games on this device are very diverse and can attract people to repeatedly play other games on this device. Then you can get several benefits from one player. It’s a good choice when you plan open a VR theme park or game zone.

Name Germany Virtual Reality Arcade multiplayer game
VR Arcade Brand Zhuoyuan (FuninVR)
VR Arcade Color Black
Rated power 1.5kw
Input voltage 220V
Specifications 1.87m*1.22m*2.04m
VR Arcade Weight 536kg
VR Arcade Display 40-inch LED HD large screen+ Deepoon E3
Warranty 1 year warranty

Star twin seats VR:Classic egg chair gains many consumer’s good feedback, stable system and high quality games brings more and more repurchase rate from customers and consumers. 2 seat could let you earn double profits at the same time,so the ROI is relative high

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