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Movies FuninVR’s The Dinosaur Island

FuninVR’s The Dinosaur Island

11/30/2019     Movies

story background:
In 2048, biotechnology made a major breakthrough. Scientists successfully extracted the genetic information of dinosaurs from fossils and used this information to breed dinosaurs.
More and more kinds of dinosaurs have been successfully “resurrected”. The scientists placed the dinosaurs on an island and built a dinosaur theme park named “Jurassic World.”
The Jurassic World attracts a large number of tourists every day to visit. In order to make more profits, investors are trying to create “hybrids” while making dinosaurs. The combination of DNA from different species and even different species eventually led to the horrific D-Rex predator dinosaur.
D-Rex is a complete gene product, With a huge body of Tyrannosaurus Rex, a tyrannical riot in the park,And destruction.
The destruction of the Raptor caused a lot of panic among tourists. The founder of the park realized the seriousness of the matter, ordered the evacuation of the tourists as quickly as possible, and sent a rescue team to save the missing people in the park.
Some of the rescue teams drove helicopters for aerial reconnaissance, while others used on-track locomotives for in-depth searches.
The park at this time, wild, dangerous!

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