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Cases FuninVR Virtual Reality Simulators in Dominican Republic

FuninVR Virtual Reality Simulators in Dominican Republic

12/08/2023     Cases

A prestigious hotel in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, has recently incorporated the latest VR gaming machines from FuninVR into its facilities. This includes the addition of four VR devices, namely VR Dark Mars, VR Racing Moto, VR Racing Kart, and 360°VR Simulator, aiming to provide guests with a wide range of recreational options.

With the implementation of Virtual Reality technology, guests can now experience unparalleled entertainment within the hotel’s lobby. They can immerse themselves in various virtual scenarios and thrilling games, each device offering unique and exciting adventures. VR Dark Mars simulates the sensation of a roller coaster ride, while VR Racing Moto recreates the exhilarating experience of motorcycle racing. VR Racing Kart provides guests with a lifelike go-kart driving experience, and the 360°VR Simulator allows them to explore virtual environments from any angle.

In addition, these VR equipment are accessible to guests within the lobby, providing a new form of entertainment as well as an interactive opportunity with friends and family. Guests of all ages can discover VR games suited to their interests, enabling everyone to indulge in the fun.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, VR technology is gradually permeating into various fields. As a pioneer, the incorporation of 9D VR simulators by Santo Domingo Hotel is bound to attract more businesses to follow suit and provide more diversified entertainment options.

The introduction of FuninVR’s VR rides into the lobby of Santo Domingo Hotel has brought a unique entertainment experience to guests. This initiative has added more attractiveness to the hotel, attracting more tourists and customers. In the future, we can expect more hotels and commercial venues to adopt VR technology, bringing more surprises and fun to the public.

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