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Cases Exploring Immersive 9D VR Simulators in Vietnam

Exploring Immersive 9D VR Simulators in Vietnam

04/10/2024     Cases

A longtime customer from Vietnam purchased a batch of captivating VR arcade machines from FuninVR last October, including VR Magic UFO, VR Interstellar, Magic FPS Arena, and Snipe Warrior. These devices not only brought innovation and excitement to the amusement park but also offered visitors unique gaming experiences.

The customer has always trusted FuninVR’s service and product quality. Their amusement park occupies an area of 200 square meters, with half of the space dedicated to VR game simulators. This design optimizes space utilization while providing visitors with enough room for free movement and enjoyment of virtual reality. In addition to VR equipment, the remaining space is used for doll machines and candy dispensers, providing additional entertainment options for visitors less inclined towards VR, making the entire amusement park more diverse.

VR Magic UFO can accommodate up to 5 people playing together, featuring interactive shooting and various special effects, providing an incredibly immersive gaming experience. In addition, VR Interstellar is designed with appealing cute appearance, which can accommodate up to 4 players, a perfect choice for family entertainment.

What’s more, FuninVR provides customers with more specialized services. We are not just VR machines suppliers but also offer professional design services for venue layouts. The overall design of the customer’s amusement park is meticulously crafted by the FuninVR team, ensuring that the layout and placement of equipment maximize visitor experience and enjoyment. This level of specialized service not only enhances the visitor gaming experience but also increases clients’ satisfaction and loyalty. Customers choose FuninVR because of our top-notch service and products.

By integrating advanced VR technology and creative venue design, this funland has created a unique gaming experience. They not only meet the needs of visitors but also exceed their expectations, offering Vietnamese players a new entertainment option. Finally, if you also have the idea of opening a VR experience store, feel free to contact us anytime for more information!


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