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Cases Bulgarian Restaurant Unveils VR Playground for Dine and Play

Bulgarian Restaurant Unveils VR Playground for Dine and Play

08/31/2023     Cases

We have a major client from Bulgaria who plans to create an amusement park within his restaurant. The park will feature a wide range of facilities, including inflatable castles, trampolines, and particularly eye-catching VR game simulators.

VR Theme Park Rides

Among the anticipated VR devices in the park are VR Dark Mars, VR Mecha, FPS Arena, Snipe Warrior, 360° VR Simulator, VR Racing Motor, and VR Racing Kart from FuninVR. The diversity and high quality of these devices allow players to experience the ultimate thrill in the virtual world. VR Dark Mars and VR Mecha enable players to experience the excitement of battles in challenging virtual environments. FPS Arena and Snipe Warrior provide realistic and immersive shooting game experiences. Besides, the 360° VR Simulator allows players to experience the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster. And VR Racing Motor and VR Racing Kart offer the thrilling experience of indoor racing through realistic simulations.

Honestly speaking, this innovative amusement park concept provides customers with a unique dining experience, allowing them to indulge in various forms of entertainment alongside their meals. They can freely choose the devices they want to play with and enjoy the novelty of the virtual world. Children and adults can find games or experiences they enjoy at this park, which also offers special activities and packages for occasions such as birthday parties and team building events.

In a place like Bulgaria, this combination of food and entertainment in a park setting is quite novel. This restaurant has successfully garnered attention and favor from customers with its unique business concept and high-quality VR equipment. This story showcases how restaurants can enhance their value and offer customers more entertainment options through innovative approaches, while also generating additional sources of revenue for the restaurant owners.

The success story of this Bulgarian restaurant highlights the outstanding performance of FuninVR arcade machines in providing entertainment experiences that align with customer demands, transforming the restaurant into a more enticing and creative venue. If you’re also interested in VR, feel free to consult us for professional support and assistance!

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