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Cases 9D VR Game Machine for VR Center In Spain Sevilla

9D VR Game Machine for VR Center In Spain Sevilla

01/13/2021     Cases

9D VR Game Simulator for VR Center In Spain Sevilla

We would like to Share the feedback photo of the second batch of 9D VR Machine that is about to opening VR Theme park from my old Spanish Client. It is about to open in Sevilla City recently. The following VR machine are our company’s best-selling products.

Viscosity product-FPS Arena, super playability, shooting battle

Shooting battles, Covering an area of ​​only 5 m², 2 players together, high viscosity and high playability, cooperate together to pass through the barriers, back to back guarding, stimulate the secretion of hormones in the scene, and increase feelings. Parents, friends, and lovers can fight side by side and fight together

High efficiency product-6 Seats VR Dark mars, experience 6 people at a time

The 6 Seats VR Dark mars covers multiple themes, extreme sports, horror, and exciting. You can experience 6 people at a time, and it is also known as the “King of Ping effect products “! With it, doubling profits is not a dream!

VR Mecha: Cool debut, unlimited charm

Full degree of freedom, omni-directional autonomous control, 360° rotation + large pitch angle up, down, left, and right, strong autonomous control, truly integrates man and machine, and obtains a hearty and true combat experience!

More than 100 boutique VR games, happy together get more fun!

There are adventure, shooting competition, science education,

Extreme challenges, horror adventures and other categories

Hundreds of exciting game content

Welcome You choose!!!

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