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Cases 60 Seats 9D Cinema Theater In Korea with 9d VR Machine Simulator

60 Seats 9D Cinema Theater In Korea with 9d VR Machine Simulator

11/04/2020     Cases

60 Seats 9D Cinema Theater In Korea with 9d VR Machine Simulator
20th Apr 2019 The head of the Ministry of Education of South Korea made a special trip to Zhuoyuan to inspect the quality of 5d VR theaters. FuninVR designed a spaceship VR device that meets the scene and popular science based on Kid’s safety education, equipped with VR science-type movies, and researched and proposed for Kid’s safety education escape simulation. The framework and function design of the children’s traffic safety education system based on the 5D cinema VR science and technology museum, The virtual scene construction of the venue design, cross-disciplinary dimensionality reduction collision technology for collision detection in the virtual scene, virtual capture, virtual button interaction and scene reconstruction technology.

The national fire protection education of the fire protection organization is mainly for Nursery School, Primary School, middle school, high school students, All residents, etc., for free on-site experience training once a month. Improve all people’s awareness of fire protection through activities such as 5D cinema and experiential training experience exchange

Realistic traffic accident environment, low cost of scene experience, safe and risk-free; rich content, great development potential, effective education methods, means and education platforms
Traffic accidents stem from carelessness and weak traffic awareness. VR technology is used to reshape the scene of traffic accidents, allowing people to experience the accident scene personally. Only deep experience and feelings can awaken people’s awe of the accident! VR alarm bells ring forever, injecting new technology power into traffic safety education

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