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Cases  6 Seats 9d vr game simulator for VR Theme park

 6 Seats 9d vr game simulator for VR Theme park

05/31/2021     Cases

6 Seats 9d vr game simulator for VR Theme park

FuninVR Interactive Simulator Ride

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of virtual reality equipment in China, FuninVR owns a variety of hot-selling products, such as: 9D Virtual Reality Simulator Cinema, VR Self-service Platform, VR Racing, VR Shooting Simulator, Flight Simulator Machine, VR Racing Car, VR Theme Park, 5D / 7D Cinema, etc.,

6 Seats 9d vr game simulator for VR Theme park

Every time our customers place an order, they must purchase, 6 seats 9d vr dark mars.

One of the classic popular products, popular in the market for several years! It focuses on various types of experience projects such as roller coaster extreme sports, ocean adventure, and children’s animation, and carries multiple popular science content such as aerospace and fire protection. You can experience 6 people at a time, with high revenue and quick payback! Continuation of the classic appearance of the Diablo series, cool atmosphere! The pop design button can not only perform interactive shooting, but also make a sound when beating. The game atmosphere is excellent; it is thrilling and exciting with various special effects such as blowing, sweeping legs, and shaking the hips!

6 Seats 9d vr game simulator for VR Theme park

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  • We manufacture the full set of VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator.

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    FuninVR now has seven major entertainment categories, totally more than 30 self-designed VR products covering game types including experience, multiplayer competition, flight, car-racing, parent-kid and science popularization


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