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News FuninVR’s VR battleship ,VR racing car ,VR racing moto are upgraded to the market

FuninVR’s VR battleship ,VR racing car ,VR racing moto are upgraded to the market

10/13/2019     News

Guangzhou FuninVR, as a professional and experienced one-stop VR profit solution provider, till now has a lots of franchised VR store customers both at home and abroad.

Although these customers are already in one of the most profitable business and have market-leading VR products in their hands, most of them however do not have enough store operating skills to push their VR store’s profitability to the max level.

As FuninVR’s new products:VR battleship ,VR racing car ,VR racing moto; are upgraded to the market, the upgraded products will bring customers more features, more excitement, and more Surprise. Let us look forward to it……..

Apart from that, The new product will solve the following problems

1. How to select the best store location?

2. How to optimize the layout of a store space?

3. How to attract as many customers as possible?

4. How to optimize VR product mix to profit better?

5. How to build a strong and effective store-serving team?

6. How to maintain the store’s stickiness to regular customers?

7. How to equip yourself with effective and professional marketing strategy-making skills? There will be more, so stay tuned………….

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